New Jersey LICA Exclusive 1st Year Contractor Benefits

Clean Fire New Member Discount

Trimble Coupon

Clean Fire Distributing is offering you a $50/case discount on Clean Fire Diesel fuel additive to help lower your fuel and maintenance costs.

Every NEW Contractor Member receives a coupon from Trimble for a 5% discount! Sign-up a Contractor Member? Get a 5% discount coupon for being a sponsor!

New Jersey LICA Contractor Benefit Package

A LICA membership entitles contractors to many benefits with a competitive edge.

Business Insurance

Contractor Safety Program

Residential Septic Service Plan


Pollution Protection

All State Discount

Petrocon Buying Group


LICA Safety Portal

Case Discount Program

Caterpillar Protection Program


Mack Trucks

CAT® Replacement Parts Program

Medical Transport Coverage


Financial Planning

Small Business Term Loans

Employee Benefits Programs


Legal Shield

Identity Theft Program

Healthy Lifestyles Insurance


Small Group Health Plan

Contractor Supply Program

Marketing Supplies Discount


Hotel Discount Program

LICA Contractor Magazine

Scholarship Program