Lighthouse Project – 2005

New Jersey LICA Volunteers Aid the NJ Department of Environmental Protection,
Division of Fish and Wildlife – June, 2005

New Jersey LICA volunteers aided the National Resource Foundation of New Jersey for the Lighthouse Center at Barnegat Bay, NJ. The facility is owned by the NJ Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Fish and Wildlife. After many years of dredging the Bay, the shoreline to the Atlantic Ocean was completely obstructed. NJLICA volunteers removed and relocated the accumulation of material. They open the shoreline to the ocean, leveled and seeded the grounds for future use. All the equipment used was supplied by NJLICA Associates: Binder Machinery, Farm-Rite, Erosion Control Technologies and Contractors Joe Lewandoski, Peter Rochelle and John Rothberg.
The Lighthouse Center is situated on 95 beautiful acres of diverse coastal habitat adjacent to Barnegat Bay Ocean Township, NJ. Opportunities abound to explore the estuarine waters of the Bay, a maritime forest, the salt marsh, two tidal streams and a freshwater impoundment on this unique site. The Lighthouse Center is used by marine biologists, educational institutions and public groups to truly experience the natural wonders of Barnegat Bay through hands-on and meaningful contact with its resources.
NJLICA volunteers included: Bruce Apgar, BJ Apgar, Ron Brinkerhoff, Jr., Greg Carey, Bob Colburn, Jon Colburn, Craig Ervey, Craig Hup, Marty Hup, Joe Lewandoski, Neil Rienecker, Eric and Peter Rochelle and NJLICA President John Rothberg.
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