National Kids Construction Club

The National Kids Construction Club (NKCC) was started in 1999 by a five-year-old boy named Alex who thought that kids should learn about their town by seeing and doing! He couldn’t understand why his school didn’t teach kids practical information so that they could learn to be safe. He wanted his teacher to allow them outside to see a sidewalk being built or a driveway being paved, and that planted the seed for what would become the National Kids Construction Club. The main mission is to ensure that every student who graduates high school should be educated to home safety, for one day these kids will move to a dorm, an apartment or home! It is so critical our children be equipped with life skills. In addition, NKCC cares about the image of those in vocational schools and continues to promote the need for highly motivated students. We continue to care about all of those in every aspect of construction.

NKCC Mission Statement: The National Kids Construction Club seeks to educate and inform children of all ages of the skills and professionalism of those involved in all aspects of the construction industry. Whether it is the construction of a sidewalk, home, building, road, bridge or any other structure, real or imaginary, all children should be encouraged to construct and build.

New Jersey LICA members supported the efforts of NKCC financially and with their time and talent. As a result, the following NJ LICA members were honored by NKCC for their contributions to the construction industry.

2006 – Jerry Biuso
2007 – John Rothberg
2008 – Bill Esposito
2009 – Peter Rochelle

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